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Tag: Wandering round my Head

A Change in Focus

You will have noticed in the entry below that I have been researching for “The War of Wind and Moon” lately. At first, I was researching for the reason anyone writing a book set in the real-world (even if it … Continue Reading A Change in Focus

Technical Bitch

Aaahhhh sweet, succulent, sparkling DSL… soooooo good 🙂 Now the bitch: At last, after 5 months of phone calls to Optus, Telstra, the TIO, the ACCC – round and round – trying to get Telstra to stop their anti-competitive behaviour … Continue Reading Technical Bitch

MySpace Miscellany

Well, access to my myspace page was finally resurrected for me today. I logged on and, as usual, found little use for it except to see some old messages from strangers (cause the ones I really want to talk to … Continue Reading MySpace Miscellany

Block Schmock :)

A quick note as the dishwasher prevents my shower and I’ve finished taking measurements of every piece of furniture we have and gathering together every possible thing I could need with 5 days in Sydney ahead of me … to … Continue Reading Block Schmock 🙂