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Chapter 18 Update

It’s day 2 of my 4-day goal and I’ve finished the 2nd full re-draft of the chapter, after re-writing my first draft three times! It’s definitely been a case of bashing my head against a wall until a “kill your … Continue Reading Chapter 18 Update

Chapter 17 Update

5pm and chapter 17 re-drafted from a different POV, afterall. Much happier with it. ūüôā Time for editing.

Chapter 17 Update

Quarter past midnight and Chapter 17 is drafted. Looking forward to editing, tomorrow!


This week’s goal is to post a chapter by end of next Wednesday. Stealing a couple of extra days because of a busy long weekend, away, playing photographer. I’d like to get it up before we leave, and will try, … Continue Reading Goal

As Long As She Lives Chapter 8, Posted!

After 4 years teaching in central Africa, 28 yr old Caitlyn Lancaster returns to Australia. She claims she’s fine, but her brother’s best friend, Detective Riley Duncan, recognizes PTS when he sees it, and uncovers what her family cannot be told. With Riley’s help, Cait will face the evil behind her return, to try to make a better future for the people she left behind

Quick break to refresh my eyes, before a last proof-read of Chapter 6, then I’ll post!


Chapter 4 of As Long As She Lives posted by Friday night, for the weekend readers! No electricity in the building, tomorrow, so I will have to be ensconced somewhere with my laptop, all day. We’ll see if that’s better … Continue Reading Goal