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Block Schmock :)

A quick note as the dishwasher prevents my shower and I’ve finished taking measurements of every piece of furniture we have and gathering together every possible thing I could need with 5 days in Sydney ahead of me … to … Continue Reading Block Schmock 🙂

The Plan…

Ah… 2007 feels better already – some challenges already but optimism all the way… So, 2nd jan and second post since restart – not bad at all. After reading the last post Superman (I married into the Justice League don’cha … Continue Reading The Plan…

Shadowkeeper Update

Well, the Nicholl-prompted requests seem to be dribbling to a stop (only 1 in the last 4 days) but I have started to receive script requests from those who requested only a logline and/or synopsis (4 this week.)Â Come January … Continue Reading Shadowkeeper Update

Nicholl Interest

I’m pleased to be able to report that I have had several queries for either a synopsis or script (for both production and as a sample) of THE SHADOWKEEPER thanks to the Nicholl result. So, all has not stalled – … Continue Reading Nicholl Interest

Home Sweet Home

Home and just about human again (that 15 hour haul over the pacific is INSANE) I am appreciating the simple joy of not having to get dressed and face the world just to get some breakfast, though, for that, I … Continue Reading Home Sweet Home